Friday, April 4, 2014

Word Request: Email is Failing to Advance our Understanding

So, here is the situation: we are having a discussion over email, and the discussion is now exhibiting the following characteristics:
  • It is getting nowhere.
  • Everyone seems determined in their ways.
  • We are pretty much talking over each other.
  • It’s as if we are communicating over different wave lengths.
We need to recognize the situation, and put an end to this.

And therein lies my humble request: a word that someone responds with that identifies the situation and calls for continuing the discussion over another medium.

I’ve seen the pattern above so many times that I believe labeling it will help us all communicate better. Here are some wordy descriptions that may be used:
  • Continuing this discussion over email is harmful.
  • Continuing this discussion over email will cause more harm than good.
  • This discussion thread has reached a point of negative return.
  • We have reached a point where we should continue this discussion using a different medium.
  • Email is not the best way to continue this discussion.
  • Email is failing to communicate the point.
  • Email is failing to advance our understanding.
  • Email fails to advance the subject.
Yes, we can make an acronym, but down with acronyms. The world doesn’t need another EFAU, or EFAS. Let’s keep that as a last resort.

Any ideas?

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